Red FM Unveils the Fourteenth Season of ‘Red Raas’

Red FM is pleased to announce the fourteenth version of ‘Red Raas,’ a vibrant birthday celebration set to honor the 9 auspicious days of Navratri from October 15th to twenty third at Green Place, Ahmedabad.

In 2009, Red FM initiated its first on-floor garba occasion in Ahmedabad. Now, in its 14th 12 months, Red Raas promises members a joyous 9-day extravaganza filled with music, dance, and cultural splendor.

Over the years, the Red FM group has created about 100 unique track tracks beneath the Red Raas banner. Continuing the subculture of introducing new tracks every year, Red FM gives ‘Aave Jo Rasiyo Rang Ma,’ a composition by using the dynamic duo Bhargav-Kedar, with lyrics penned by means of Bhargav Purohit, and beautifully voiced via the melodious Janvi Shrimanker.

This track is a medley of iconic Garba tracks, presenting renowned Gujarati singers together with Aditya Gadhvi, Bhumi Trivedi, Kirtidan Gadhvi, Osman Mir, and greater.

Nisha Narayanan, Director, and COO of Red FM and Magic FM, expressed, “What commenced as a humble attempt to infuse modern flavors into traditional Garba tune has evolved over 14 years, resulting in nearly 100 unique tracks. Red Raas, our longest-strolling highbrow assets, has emerge as a trendsetting parent of subculture, reviving folklore via blending people with the modern-day tendencies and making it appealing to the younger generation. To ensure that future generations are part of our cultural tapestry, we embark on this journey to present a fusion of culture and modernity at the same time as reminiscent of Gujarat’s rich Garba historical past. We wish you’ll be part of us in embracing the spirit of Navratri and celebrating the entirety associated with song and garba.”

Season 14 of ‘Red Raas’ brings you the original music ‘Aave Jo Rasiyo Rang Ma’ by using Red FM.

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