ABP Ananda Unveils Three Durga Puja-Themed Properties

ABP Ananda has reintroduced 3 of its cherished residences, specifically ABP Ananda Sharad Ananda, ABP Ananda Paara e Paara e Serar Lodai, and ABP Ananda Surakshar Puraskar, each offering clean and engaging content material in birthday celebration of the Durga Puja festivities.

ABP Ananda Sharad Ananda:
The Sharad Ananda program has already began, imparting an array of latest and present content material. This 12 months’s segments encompass:

  1. Koruk Matha Theme Theme”: This phase explores Kolkata’s famend Durga Puja topics, highlighting the particular elements of pandals, the evolution of artwork forms, and efforts to revive rural folks art.
  2. Tarokar Chokhe Taroka Pujo”: Celebrities visit pandals, delving into education, principles, idols, lights, and ambience whilst discussing their cinema and OTT tasks for the duration of the Puja.
  3. Akash Pothe Pujo”: This phase functions aerial views of Kolkata’s prominent Pujas, showcasing decorative elements, lights, pandals, and thematic functions.
  4. Pujo Dekhun Ghore Bosey”: A stay telecast of 8 fundamental Pujas in Kolkata over 5 days, offering insights into the rituals and celebrations.
  5. Sharad Ananda Samman 2023″: An award ceremony honoring Puja pandals in numerous categories.

ABP Ananda Paara e Paara e Serar Lodai 2023:
This belongings is an eleven-episode reality sport show performed amongst 12 Durga Puja Committees, airing each day on ABP Ananda till October 20, 2023.

ABP Ananda Surakshar Puraskar 2023:
In its sixth year, this property awards Puja Committees for his or her protection and security features during the festivities. Awards might be given based on critiques by using a group of specialists.

ABP Ananda’s programming and residences are backed with the aid of various partners, including Dear Govt. Lottery, Prabhuji Pure Food, and extra. Each belongings has its set of sponsors and partner groups.

These houses goal to capture the essence of Durga Puja and offer visitors with attractive and informative content at some stage in this auspicious time.

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