Big FM Unveiled ASMR Horror Show ‘Abhishapt’ on Radio

Big FM had introduced the launch of its modern show, ‘Abhishapt.’

The idea of ASMR had redefined the artwork of audio amusement, immersing listeners in a world of pure sonic triggers that covered secrets and techniques, scratching, and slicing sounds.

The sounds had been amplified to provide an extraordinary, up-near auditory adventure that went beyond the bounds of conventional storytelling.

‘Abhishapt’ had spread out as a sequence of 6 fictional horror tales, with each episode going for walks for 10-12 mins.

Sunil Kumaran, COO of Big FM, had stated, “In an age where modern audio reports were exceedingly well-known, we at BIG FM, have been dedicated to curating a brand new and immersive enjoy for our listeners. With ‘Abhishapt,’ we recognized the underutilized ability of ASMR technology within the radio industry. As pioneers in storytelling and the added detail of the horror genre, we have been excited to introduce a completely unique confluence that represented our commitment to handing over content material that deeply engaged our target audience. The show seamlessly mixed the allure of ASMR with the intrigue of horror narratives, supplying a captivating and immersive adventure that transcended traditional storytelling.”

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