“Harmony of Rain: The Megh Santoor Symphony”

The profound have an impact on of Indian Classical Music and its legends is plain, possessing the ability to deeply resonate with people. Taj Mahal Tea shares a rich reference to this art form. In a testament to their dedication, they collaborated with the creative minds at Ogilvy to craft the extremely good Megh Santoor—an remarkable musical installation in Vijayawada. This incredible device, stimulated via the essence of rain, comes alive with its contact, incomes it the distinguished title of the ‘Largest Environmentally Interactive Billboard’ by means of the Guinness World Records. Covering an excellent 209 square meters, this feat was completed on September 10, 2023.

Kainaz Karmakar & Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Chief Creative Officers at Ogilvy India, expressed their gigantic pride within the Megh Santoor creation. Months of meticulous planning, rigorous trying out, and inevitable setbacks preceded the victorious consciousness of this imaginative and prescient. The enduring companionship between Taj and Indian classical track changed into more suitable with the infusion of rain for this experiment. They aptly time period it an experiment, because it brimmed with ‘what ifs,’ without a assurance of success till the day the raindrops caressed the keys, giving delivery to song. They emphasized the worthwhile help and notion of the Taj group at Unilever, in addition to stated the unwavering willpower of Fritz Gonzales, Jayesh Raut, Nikhil Mohan, and the Ogilvy group, who guided the challenge from conception to execution. In a international hungry for song, they take pride in contributing their small but extensive component.

Shiva Krishnamurthy, Head of Beverages and Foods at Hindustan Unilever, exuded pride at ‘Megh Santoor’ securing its region as the sector’s largest environmentally interactive billboard according to The Guinness Book of World Records. Vijayawada holds a unique vicinity as one of the essential strongholds for Taj Mahal Tea, and this incredible advent is their way of extending profound gratitude to the city in a manner that resonates most profoundly—with Hindustani classical track! This success stands as a testomony to their unyielding willpower to Hindustani classical tune, the vibrant community of Vijayawada, and to the natural pleasure of tea amidst the rain. A ancient milestone has been completed, and they enlarge an open invitation to each person to partake on this amazing fusion of art and technology.

Megh Santoor represents a unique adaptation of the conventional Santoor, designed to harmonize completely with the rhythm of rain. It ingeniously employs weights that respond to rainwater, reworking it into a melodic device that breathes life into the Raag Malhar—a classical composition that exalts within the splendor of rainfall. In this procedure, it elevates the foundation to the fame of a master. The instrument, currently stationed outside the Vijayawada Railway Station, will stay in location till October sixteen, 2023, presenting human beings the possibility to get pleasure from this remarkable live performance until the monsoon season recedes.

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