“Fact-Checking the Vimal Elaichi Controversy: Akshay Kumar Sets the Record Straight”

Hours after receiving backlash from netizens for another Vimal Elaichi ad airing all through the India vs Australia ICC Men’s World Cup match, actor Akshay Kumar took to X (formerly Twitter) to provide his attitude. He aimed to offer “fact-checking” lessons to media shops that swiftly pointed palms at him.

Last April, Kumar faced grievance from enthusiasts and netizens for acting in an ad for the pan masala logo, specifically given his health-conscious photo. The actor publicly apologized for his association with the logo and pledged to donate his endorsement rate to a charitable motive. When the brand launched a second advert offering Kumar alongside Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn on Sunday, it reignited the ire of netizens, who accused Kumar of reneging on his promise.

Unhappy with the net complaint, Kumar faced his accusers, singling out a particular media outlet. He clarified that the commercials had been filmed on October 13, 2021 (a yr previous to the backlash), and the emblem has the criminal proper to air them till the give up of the subsequent month, no matter Kumar’s affiliation.

Fans lauded the famous person’s response, commending him for serving as an “proposal” and for individually fact-checking claims. One supporter stated, “Everyone needs to counter faux information like this; for a few, it’s pretty much views and exposure, however in case you reveal them, they’ll assume twice approximately spreading fake statistics within the future. Be like Akshay Kumar.”

“Thanks for the explanation, Akshay boss. This turned into a good deal needed! Gone are the days when news portals used to present each sides of the story by means of confirming with relevant events. Now they tweet and neglect. The involved events can defend themselves like this,” remarked some other.

“Congratulations on taking a stand and discontinuing the endorsement! We cannot blame enthusiasts for wondering you are still related when they see the commercials. It’s accurate to recognise they may be legally certain until next month, although. Appreciate the clarification,” wrote a specific supporter.

Some also raised questions about Kumar’s choice to request the brand to halt the ads after returning the endorsement price. One poster commented, “Even if it wasn’t legally viable, you should have donated each penny to a most cancers health facility and initiated a campaign to lessen dependancy most of the young people.”

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