XO: A Cinematic Ode to Love, Poetry, and Innocence Premieres at Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival

Headlining the Focus South Asia phase at this 12 months’s Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival is ‘XO,’ a romantic brief film penned and directed via Samrat DasGupta. This cinematic gem exemplifies the potency of visual storytelling, imparting a unique enjoy that transcends conventional communicate-heavy narratives.

In its concise 25-minute runtime, XO masterfully weaves a cinematic tapestry with an insignificant 5 speak portions. Set towards the backdrop of a library, the movie explores the life of Rumi, a reticent man or woman whose world revolves round caring for her ill mother and the silent haven of books. Despite the shortage of spoken words, the narrative eloquently unfolds through the atmospheric portrayal of Kolkata’s winter mornings, the bliss of falling in love, the affect of Pablo Neruda, the whispers of bookshelves, the Ganges’ murmur, and the charming frames crafted by way of acclaimed cinematographer Ranjan Palit. The movie’s immersive best is further heightened by means of a soul-stirring musical rating.

XO revolves around Rumi, portrayed by Kamakshi Bhat, a poetry enthusiast who will become entangled in a clandestine recreation of knots and crosses within the confines of her day by day library visits. Through days of playful exchanges, Rumi unknowingly falls in love with an unseen accomplice. As the games all at once give up, Rumi embarks on an emotional rollercoaster, in the long run coming across a profound and enduring love.

Produced by using Lovechildren Films in Mumbai, XO has already obtained international acclaim as a Finalist on the Korea International Short Film Festival and as an Official Selection at prestigious events just like the LA Shorts International Film Festival, New York Shorts International Film Festival, and the International Film Festival of South Asia Toronto (IFFSA Toronto). Its inclusion inside the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival guarantees to similarly elevate its cinematic presence.

Amidst the cutting-edge international clamor for a resurgence of affection, XO invites audiences to mirror on the character of affection itself. Instead of merely advocating for its return, the film indicates a need to redefine and raise our knowledge of affection. It encourages a return to basics, advocating for a slower pace of existence and the enjoyment of authentic reports over instantaneous gratifications.

With XO, Samrat DasGupta endeavors to punctuate the cloth of 2023 with a story that transports viewers to a global of innocence, love, romance, and the appeal of libraries, books, and poetry. The film, rooted in old-world romanticism, gives a modern perspective on love that lingers lengthy after the credit roll.

Watch XO, now not simply together with your partner, however with the love that resides in your mind.

Key Credits:


RUMI: Kamakshi Bhat
MOTHER: Hanshi Ghosh
LUDO PLAYER: Tusar Kanti Das
LIBRARIAN: Pamela Gomez
PROFESSOR: Biresh Paul


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Samrat DasGupta
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Mithun Chakraborty
COSTUME: Samrat DasGupta
CASTING: Samrat DasGupta
EDITOR: Priya Panda
MUSIC: Deepp C
SOUND: Rishabh Bose
VFX: Blab, Mumbai
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Lovechildren Films
PRODUCED BY: Samrat DasGupta & Nishat Ahmed

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