Sony Liv Expands Its Culinary Canvas: Introducing ‘MasterChef India’ in Tamil and Telugu

Sony Liv is about to cater to the numerous culinary tastes of India by way of streaming the Tamil and Telugu versions of the immensely famous fact display, ‘MasterChef India.’ The franchise is taking a jump into the southern regions to hook up with a broader audience and showcase the wealthy culinary traditions of Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

In the Tamil edition, the judging panel will comprise famend culinary experts: Chef Koushik Shankar, Chef Shreeya Adka, and Chef Rakesh Raghunathan. Meanwhile, the Telugu version will characteristic the expertise of Chef Sanjay Thumma, Chef Nikitha Umesh, and Chef Chalapathi Rao.

Sony Liv’s decision to amplify ‘MasterChef India’ into these regional languages reflects its commitment to serving a various and multilingual target audience. Saugata Mukherjee, the Head of Content at Sony Liv, expressed the significance of recognizing the rich cultural tapestry of India. He stated, “India is a land of various cultures, languages, or even culinary alternatives.” This growth targets to have a good time these diversities, introducing visitors to precise cuisines and unearthing new culinary talent from the Tamil and Telugu-speaking regions.

The introduction of ‘MasterChef India – Tamil’ and ‘MasterChef India – Telugu’ is a testament to Sony Liv’s determination to providing content that resonates with nearby audiences. By doing so, the franchise hopes to bridge the gap among visitors and the culinary intricacies of those southern states, forging a deeper reference to the cultural material of India.

With the launch of those regional diversifications, Sony Liv is poised to tantalize the flavor buds of a wider demographic and foster a renewed enthusiasm for the culinary arts across India. The flavors of Tamil and Telugu delicacies are about to take center level, inviting viewers to embark on a delectable journey of discovery and creativity.

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