Kim Cattrall Returns to the Big Screen with Lionsgate’s Hilarious Comedy ‘About My Father’ – A Tale of Unexpected Twists and Laughter, Hits Theaters May 26, 2023

Prepare for the fiery go back of Kim Cattrall as she graces the screens in Lionsgate’s upcoming comedy, About My Father. After a hiatus seeing that 2019, Kim portrays the bold Tigger Collins, a U.S. Senator whose lifestyles has been entrenched in regulation and order. Tigger, familiar with tight control, faces sudden chaos whilst introduced to her potential son-in-regulation, Sebastian, and his eccentric father, Salvo (played through Robert De Niro). In this uproarious adventure, most effective a real Italian, portrayed via Maniscalco, can coax her into letting free. Mark your calendars for the movie’s release on May 26, 2023, and listen what Kim Cattrall has to say approximately her individual, Tigger.

Reflecting on Tigger McArthur, Cattrall remarked, “Tigger is very well educated, very smart, and really tenacious. Like many ladies in high-rating positions, she’s fought her way to the top. Tigger is a manage freak, preferring precision in everything. Meeting Salvo and Sebastian demanding situations her expectations for her daughter however turns out to be exactly what she desires.”

Explaining her decision to enroll in the movie, the ‘Sex and the City’ star added, “It turned into an smooth sure. My agent informed me approximately a movie with Robert De Niro playing a hairdresser, and I at once stated sure. I do not care what it’s far—I need to do it, see it, and be a part of it.”

Directed by means of Laura Terruso and written by means of Austen Earl and Sebastian Maniscalco, Lionsgate and PVRINOX Pictures convey this cinematic delight to audiences. Save the date for a laughter-crammed weekend as About My Father hits theaters on May 26, 2023.

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