Harmony Unleashed: &flix Presents a Melodic Double Feature with Studio 666 and La Bamba This Music Day

Celebrate Music Day with &flix because it presents a double characteristic of  loved films – Studio 666 and La Bamba, inviting viewers to dive into the captivating world of track. Don’t miss out! Tune in this Wednesday, 21st June, and catch the cinematic magic beginning at 5 pm completely on &flix.

In Studio 666, experience a completely unique twist on the horror music genre as the iconic rock band Foo Fighters ventures into an Encino mansion with a dark and wealthy records within the realm of rock and roll. Follow their adventure as they file their tremendously expected tenth album in this interesting musical tale.

Meanwhile, La Bamba chronicles the inspiring tale of Ritchie Valens, a Mexican American who rose from poverty in California to turn out to be a rock ‘n’ roll sensation at the gentle age of 17. Witness his meteoric upward thrust and tragic fall within 8 months because of a plane crash. The movie delves into Ritchie’s complex relationships, consisting of his friendship and rivalry together with his older brother Bob Morales and his romance with Donna Ludwig.

Don’t leave out this musical extravaganza on twenty first June, starting at 5 pm, solely on &flix.

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