"Regional Brands Make a Play: Capitalizing on the ICC Cricket World Cup Buzz in India"

Although regional brands may not directly sponsor teams, they are strategically allocating resources towards OTT, TV, and digital advertising during matches and highlights.


The eagerly awaited return of the ICC Cricket World Cup to India after a 12-year hiatus has ignited a wave of enthusiasm among cricket aficionados national. Brands are poised with their techniques to capture this huge possibility spanning over forty days. While most important tournaments like the Cricket World Cup have historically attracted country wide heavyweights with deep wallet, this time round, local manufacturers also are expressing significant hobby in the event. Experts speculate that elements such as the recent triumph of the Indian Premiere League, the fortuitous overlap of the Cricket World Cup with the festive season, and the supply of value-powerful digital advertising and marketing avenues might also have emboldened nearby brands from numerous regions to allocate their advertising and marketing budgets right here.

Amit Dhawan, Partner & CEO at Art-E, remarks, “Regional manufacturers may not necessarily be crew sponsors, however they’re strategically investing in OTT, TV, and virtual advertising during fits and highlights, capitalizing on moment marketing tendencies.”

Dhawan emphasizes that this shift underscores the adaptability of nearby manufacturers in leveraging numerous advertising opportunities inside the sports industry.

He provides, “Additionally, the Cricket World Cup being hosted in India this 12 months has amplified logo participation. The condensed duration of the World Cup may cause elevated ad expenditures with the aid of these manufacturers, with the purpose of shooting the fervent Indian cricket target market. The Indian Premier League (IPL) continually garners enthusiasm from regional manufacturers, as a result of its format and the risk to align with local groups.”

Aparna Tadikonda, EVP – South at Interactive Avenues, shows that nearby gamers are meticulously comparing prices and the competitive landscape before committing to World Cup investments.

“Similar to country wide manufacturers, regional brands also are assessing this different possibility, weighing the professionals and cons. The approach will hinge on target market availability, investments, and the anticipated return on investment. From a platform attitude, both the Cricket World Cup and other principal events outdoor of it gift advertising opportunities for brands. Disney+ Hotstar, for example, is projected to reach a user base of 450 million, with approximately 50 million concurrent viewers at some stage in the World Cup.”

Elara Capital, a market research company, forecasts that the Cricket World Cup is poised to generate among Rs 20-22 billion in advert revenue throughout TV and virtual platforms.

Despite numerous nearby brands stepping forward with their investments, professionals agree with that there are nevertheless a few who remain careful.

Sarfaraz Ansari, Senior Vice President – Integrated Media at DDB MudraMax, notes, “Regional manufacturers have no longer traditionally been prominent gamers in essential cricketing activities, frequently due to three motives. Currently, most effective Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada feeds are to be had. The majority of this nearby populace nevertheless has a tendency to look at in English, and the transition to nearby languages has not befell to a sizable quantity.”

“Additionally, regional gamers are fairly charge-touchy and discerning. Cricket in neighborhood language feeds comes at a considerable top class, ranging from 15X to 20X. This poses a sizeable barrier to their participation in any national-scale mega event. The motive for the high pricing for nearby feeds is the restricted availability of inventory. Only inventory that stays unsold for certain advertising and marketing classes, such as gaming on this local marketplace, is offered to nearby players.”

Viren Razdan, Managing Director at Brand-nomics, also points out that the high fees serve as a deterrent for nearby players seeking to invest in World Cup advertising and marketing.

“ICC has very clear guidelines for using the World Cup mark for his or her exclusive sponsor companions, and regularly this prevents many competing manufacturers from entering that area. However, the match does deliver a good sized range of eyeballs, and nearby manufacturers leverage this at a nearby stage for sales advertising and other capability associations. The prices aren’t only prohibitive for nearby players however could most effective make sense if the regional logo has a national target ready to roll out,” he explains.

E4m reached out to Disney Star for his or her comments at the story, but a reaction is still pending.

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