20 years of world class print-media advertising, online and on-ground events management and digital marketing services



We are an Events, Advertising and Digital Marketing Company.  The services we provide vary from client to clients and on their requirements.

We can quote a minimum or a maximum cost for our services only after we have studied the requirements of a client.

Tentative price range may vary for the following services like:

PRINT MEDIA ADVERTISING : 5,000 ~ 5,00,000

EVENT MANAGEMENT : 10,000 ~ 10,00,000

WEB DESIGNING: 15,000 ~ 2,50,000

S.E.O. : 15,000 ~ 1,00,000

CONTENT MARKETING : 25,000 ~ 75,000

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: 30,000 ~ 1,75,000

Price for any service can be finalized only after receiving detailed requirement from the client. 

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